Preparation of the accessibility statement

Welcome to taking part in the preparation of the accessibility statement. The Act on the Provision of Digital Services outlines the accessibility requirements that digital services must meet. Organisations must prepare accessibility statements for their websites and mobile applications. The statement must follow the model drawn up by the EU. The statement must be posted on the organisation’s website.

The purpose of this tool is to help you complete the accessibility statement. The organisation is responsible for the content of the statement and for its active updating.

Prepare a statement as required by law

In order to prepare a statement, you must familiarise yourself with the accessibility requirements and understand to what extent your organisation’s digital services meet the specified requirements and to what extent they are inadequate.

We have completed certain sections of the statement. You only need to answer organisation-specific questions and you’ll be done!

Accessibility must always be taken into account when designing and updating a website or mobile application, so it is better to get started right away.