Digital services belong to everyone!

Regional State Administrative Agency is the authority enforcing compliance with accessibility requirements in Finland.

More than one million Finns need more accessible services

Accessibility is essential for some people, but it benefits everyone.

Amendments to the digital services act

Amendments have been made to the Digital Services Act, which bring new services and actors within the scope of the requirements and obligations laid down in the Act. The application of the Act to new services will begin in June 2025 after a transition period.

Submit a complaint on web accessibility or request clarification

If you are not satisfied with the response you received, or if you do not receive a reply at all, you can contact us and submit a request for clarification or a complaint about shortcomings in accessibility.


Supervisory Unit for Web Accessibility has published the source code of its testing software

The Regional State Administrative Agency has published the source code of the Salvia software, which is suitable for automatic testing of website accessibility. Salvia software downloaded from GitHub is licensed under an open source license and its use and further development is permitted for both non-commercial and commercial use.
Salvia symbol. A magnifying glass where the border has changed to resemble pie chart sectors. Inside there's a letter S in braille.

Salvia software as a solution for web accessibility monitoring

Regional State Administrative Agency has published the source code of the Salvia software that it uses in monitoring of websites. Senior officer Eetu Komsi from the unit of acessibility supervision tells about the backgrounds and goals behind the development project. And also about other tools and software that member states in the European union have used in accessibility monitoring.