Submit a complaint on web accessibility or request clarification

On this page, you can submit a complaint to the Regional State Administrative Agency about a website or mobile application that does not comply with the web accessibility requirements of the Digital Services Act. (link)

You should always first contact the publisher of the website or mobile app. This is often the fastest way to resolve the case as it takes several months to process the complaint.

On this page, you can also ask the Regional State Administrative Agency to investigate

  • if the publisher of a website or mobile app has not provided the content in a format that suits you, even if you have requested it
  • if the website or mobile app publisher has not responded to your feedback about accessibility within two weeks.

You can submit a complaint or request for clarification using this form, by e-mail or letter. You can see the contact details of the Regional State Administrative Agency at the bottom of the form.

Submit a complaint on accessibility or request clarification

You can also submit a free-form notification in the following ways:

By email to

We recommend using secure e-mail. You should do this especially if the complaint or its attachments include information covered by the protection of privacy. You can send a secure email via this link.

By letter to

Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland

Postal address: PO Box 1, 13035 AVI, Finland