5.2.2 Full pages

ConformanceOpens in a new window (and conformance level) is for full Web page(s)Opens in a new window only, and cannot be achieved if part of a Web page is excluded.

Note: For the purpose of determining conformance, alternatives to part of a page’s content are considered part of the page when the alternatives can be obtained directly from the page, e.g., a long description or an alternative presentation of a video.
Note: Authors of Web pages that cannot conform due to content outside of the author’s control may consider a Statement of Partial ConformanceOpens in a new window.
Note: New A full page includes each variation of the page that is automatically presented by the page for various screen sizes (e.g. variations in a responsive Web page). Each of these variations needs to conform (or needs to have a conforming alternate version) in order for the entire page to conform.

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